Etude sur les partenariats ONG en anglais uniquement

Publié le 01/01/2004 , mis à jour le 24/07/2017

As Non Governmental Organisations NGOs' influence have grown, recent years have seen a burgeoning of both prominent campaigns targeting business and, conversely, alliances between businesses and NGOs on issues linked to companies' core activities. Those range from improving companies' environmental indicators or designing innovative environmentally friendly products, through to collaboration in monitoring supply chain activities, setting new industry standards, or in jointly shaping legislation. 

With the purpose of sharing views and experiences on these new alliances, CSR Europe, in association with its national partner organisation ORSE, organised two meetings in July and September, the first in Paris and the second one in Brussels, focusing respectively on the involvement of NGOs in social and environmental auditing and on the new alliances developing between NGOs and companies. The debates were initiated by presentations given jointly by companies and NGOs explaining how they work together. At both events, NGOs were invited to attend the morning session to present their experiences and to explain the reasons for the debates in which they were now engaging with companies.